Why buy off the rack in a store when you can have an exceptional pure wool suit           'Made to Measure' just for you at the same price?

MIRZA & HEATH offer pure wool suiting with silk lining from $950

What is the difference between 'Ready to Wear/Off the Rack', 'Made to Measure' & 'Bespoke'...?


Ready-to-Wear / Off the Rack

When you purchase a suit from a store it is referred to as 'ready to wear' or 'off the rack', made in a factory in standardised sizes, intended to be tailored to fit the individual. A quality Ready To Wear suit can cost you upwards of $800, with alterations often costing more than $100.  

Made to Measure 

Made-to-measure is essentially pre-made patterns that are altered based on your preferences and measurements. At MIRZA & HEATH we take over 35 accurate measurements when making your suit. Our master tailors then alter our pre-made patterns using your measurements to create a perfectly fitted suit just for you. We keep all client measurements on file, allowing you to reorder at anytime without having to be remeasured, (providing your measurements haven't changed). At MIRZA & HEATH we offer pure wool suits from $950.


Completely hand-made, a Bespoke suit takes over 65 hours to create. The suit is hand-crafted to you, and only you. It is a completely hand-crafted process from start to finish no exceptions. Bespoke suits usually start at around $6000.