Made-to-Measure tailoring was created over 60 years ago to bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and bespoke tailored suits. Unfortunately the word 'bespoke' has fast become over used in the suit industry, it loses meaning each and every time a made-to-measure suit company uses it incorrectly. The distinction between the two if clear and simple.



At MIRZA & HEATH we seamlessly bridge the gap between bespoke and ready-to-wear, offering our clients a Made to Measure service that provides them with a exceptional fitting suit. 

Made-to-measure is essentially pre-made patterns that are altered based on your preferences and measurements. At MIRZA & HEATH we take over 35 accurate measurements when making your suit. Our master tailors then alter our pre-made patterns using your measurements to create a perfectly fitting suit just for you. We keep all clients measurements on files allowing you to reorder at anytime without having to be remeasured, providing those have not changed. 


Completely hand-made, a Bespoke suit takes takes over 65 hours to create. The suit is hand-crafted to you, and only you. It is a completely hand-crafted process from start to finish no exceptions. This is also reflected in price.